You've had a brilliant idea for a business - let us help you to tell the world about it. We design logos, business cards, email signature, websites and even animated videos - in fact, everything you'll need in order to get started! With digital packages starting at just £99, we're offering you exceptional value for money and saving you a load of time! Can you really not afford to find out more?

Digital Starter Pack

Our digitalstarterpacks

We've come up with four digitalstarterpacks offering different services and elements. We're pretty confident that they all represent sensational value for money, but check them out yourself:

Digital Starter Pack essentials

from £99

Let us handle the time consuming "branding" bit while you focus on getting your idea started.

  • 3 Logo Designs
  • 1 side branded Business Card design
  • Branded email signature
  • 4x Social Media profile and cover images
Digital Starter Pack website design

from £199

Sort your online presence without the headache of trying to do it yourself.

  • 4 page "mobile responsive" website
  • Plus legally required Privacy Policy page
  • Customizable colour and images
  • Template based on your business theme
Digital Starter Pack video creation

from £99

Nothing grabs attention like an animated video, it's the ideal selling tool across social media platforms.

  • 30-second branded video
  • Full character animations
  • A range of different music styles
  • Includes text and images

The complete collection, from £379

The big one. Everything from essentials, website and video, plus a little bit more, all for a little bit less.

  • The entire essentials pack
  • All of the website pack
  • And every part of the video pack
  • Plus editable vector graphics and double sided business cards

Our Client Testimonials

Stacy Bradley

STRESS FREE, FAST TURNAROUND AND EXCELLENT VALUE FOR MONEY...5 STAR SERVICE!!! I speak from personal experience...Michael @ Digital Starter Pack deserves to wear his pants over his trousers! He is a life saver, and a ruddy good bloke! I am astonished at how painless getting a logo, business cards and email signatures (essentials pack) for our business turned out to be! Our business was already in full swing and in high demand when we first had contact with Michael. We needed these items but we didn't have enough time to guide him through what we wanted (as we didn't have the foggiest). Michael being the gem, and good egg that he is, cracked on and sent us his own ideas that he had designed - which we absolutely loved! We have loved this service so much we are going to get our website done with DSP too. THANK YOU!!!

Testimonial LYCopywriting
Lauren Yaxley

Michael appeared in my hour of need when I needed to get some design work completed at short notice. He was proactive, helpful and more than happy to suggest ideas that made my brief much better! Would recommend whether you know exactly what you want or you need an expert's insight.

Business Cards
Testimonial Projx London
Carol Daude

We gave Michael a wireframe template of how we wanted our website to look, a list of the pages and content required, along with a brief of the colours, photos and copy that was to be included. Within a few days, we had a fully functioning website, including bespoke, tailor-made graphics, logos and icons. The services were very reasonably priced and Michael was extremely responsive to my messages, questions and requests. So much so that I have recommended him to friends and family, as well as using his design services for other projects of my own. I thoroughly endorse him!

Web Design
Testimonial Steve Thurlow
Steve Thurlow

Having struggled to get my head round MailChimp, Michael was a fantastic find. Not only did he create a template exactly to my spec, he also provided an idiot’s guide to creating a campaign - something I hadn’t asked for but very much needed, definitely going the ‘extra mile’. Add to that very fast turnaround and you have super service. Highly recommended.

Email Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the digital starter pack?
Quite simply, we've designed three different digitalstarterpacks to help you get your amazing new business of the ground as quickly and cheaply as possible. The essential pack is your basic branding option - logo design, business cards, email signatures, social media profile images and more, starting at just £99. Our website pack is a fully mobile responsive, appropriately themed, four page website to get your business online and available for people to find, from just £199. On top of that, we have the video pack, with 30 second, branded, attention grabbing animated videos available from the sensationally low price of £99. Then there is also a 4th option... the complete pack. Everything in the essential, website and video packs, plus a few extra options and at a reduced rate. All the packages have been designed to give you exactly what you need from each pack, the prices are "from" because there are upgrade options in each case.
Can I select specific elements of the package?
Each of the three core digitalstarterpacks have been designed specially to offer a solution to your business needs with top value for money. As such, unfortunately you can't pick and choose different aspects of each digitalstarterpack.
Are the designs bespoke/unique?
Each of the basic packages have been designed to keep the cost down for you, while still offering a fantastic service. We'll work with you to design a logo that really suits your brand, speeding the process up by using off-the-shelf templates, patterns, colours and fonts. However, we can also make something entirely tailor made and as unique as you are, at an extra cost of £20 per hour we work on it. Similarly, for websites we'll build them quickly for £199 based off of one of our pre-made templates, or if you have something grander in mind then we'll work with you to make it more bespoke for £20 per hour.
How long does it take?
For our essential pack we ask that you allow up to 5 working days from your brief for us to provide our designs. With the website pack, we aim to have everything finished and ready for you within 28 days. For tailor made orders, timing can vary depending on the size of the task., but we'll go over this thoroughly during the purchase options.
Can I request revisions?
In short, you can request unlimited revisions up until the final design is confirmed, yes. For the essential options, we'll only be able to change colours, fonts and template images. To make changes beyond that, additional work is charged at £20 an hour. For the website pack, it's the same offer - we'll make tweaks to the generic layout etc, but anything above that - different pages or functionality - will come at an increased fee.
How much information do I need to provide?
The short answer is "as much as you can". You know your business better than anyone, you know what you want, so the more information you can provide us with - colours, images, font styles etc - the quicker we will get to your vision. But maybe you really don't have any ideas - that's fine too! After all, it is what you're paying us for.
Can I order additional services in the future?
Absolutely! In fact, we're counting on us loving our work so much that we'll be your first point of call next time you need some work doing. Plus sharing is caring, so please feel free to spread the word and tell other people how you find our services.
I already have a logo/website - why do I need your services?
You may already have the bits you need, but are you happy with them? If you're still reading our page, we're guessing you're not. Maybe you want a new look, maybe the logo you got before is just a flat image that doesn't resize. We offer the option to have a "vector-based" logo, so you can alter it to any size you like. Maybe you need new business cards designed? We can do that. Perhaps you have a website but it's not very modern, or else you've got one you're happy with but just want someone to manage it and keep it up to date - all options on our website pack.
What are your designs like?
They're pretty good! For the essential pack, you'll be given 3 options to pick from, which will then be sent to you as a .png file - that means a good, high quality image with no background that you can instantly use on your websites or promotional material. You'll be given the option to select from the templates we use for email signatures and business cards during the purchase process, so you can see what you'll be getting. For our website designs, we have a selection of HTML templates to fit every sort of theme, plus the option to upgrade to WordPress.
Can I request foreign language work?
Si! Ja! Indeedly-doodly! We can speak English pretty well, and our Spanish isn't too bad... but if you're after a service in another language then we'll need to pay for translation, so there will be an additional cost, unless you just provide the copy etc yourselves.
How much does it cost?
The essential pack starts at £99, website at £199 and video from £99. Or you can go supersize and sort everything in one place with the complete pack, which includes extra stuff and is discounted to £379. With each pack there are upgrade options which you can add if you wish. Please note prices aren't inclusive of VAT.
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essentials pack
The essentials from £99

Logo, business card, email signature and social media images.


From £99
website pack
Breathtaking sites from £199

A 4 page, mobile responsive website, ideally themed for your business and legally compliant.


From £199
video pack
Fantastic explainer videos from £99

Attention grabbing, animated and fun 30 second advert videos!


From £99
complete pack
The full monty from £379

All the packs together, plus a little more, for a little less.


From £379