The social enterprise pack, only £250.

Designed specifically for Social Enterprises, this has everything you need to get you set up and making a huge difference.

  • Choose from a selection of logos and social media profile pictures
  • Email signatures and business card designs for up to three people
  • A 4 page, fully mobile responsive website
  • All the legal bits and tracking built in
Why should you buy this?

You've just decided to start your new social enterprise, determined to make a difference to someone. We love you for that, and we've got your back. We've pulled together all the bits we think you need in order to get up and running, picking different elements from all of our packs and combining them in one place to help you make the world a better place.

If you're trying to work out how to use your limited advertising budget to make the biggest difference, this is the place to start. Your logo, business cards, website and more, for under £300.

What's included?
  • 3 logo designs to choose from
  • Profile and Cover images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Branded Email signature, from a choice of 50 templates, for up to 3 different people
  • 1 sided business card design, from a choice of 15 templates, for up to 3 different people
  • 4-page, mobile responsive website with a working contact form
  • Plus legally required Privacy Policy page and Cookie Consent pop up
  • Adding your Google Analytics and Facebook tracking pixels to all of the pages
What upgrades are available?

The following items are all available as additional add-ons during the purchase process. While all of our base packs offer an exceptional product, these extra bits are offered to improve them even more if you want to have them.

Item Notes Price
404 Redirect Your website will automatically display a branded "This page cannot be found' page if a user tries to access a page incorrectly. £10
6-Month SSL Certificate Adds an additional layer of security to your page, marking it as "Secure". £10
Additional Page An extra page on your website, if the standard four isn't enough. £20
Bespoke Design We'll throw away the templates and make you something from scratch, to be billed at the end. £20 per hour
Domain Purchase & 1-Year Hosting If you don't already own a website address and don't know what you need to do, we can sort it for you for 12 months. £100
Email Set-Up If you want to have a address we can set it up. £30
Google Business Set-Up Add the details YOU want to display onto Google. £10
Google Maps Location Add your business location and type to GoogleMaps, so you show up if someone searches for what you do. £20
Newsletter Set-Up & MailChimp Setting up a "Sign up to our newsletter" form and hooking it up to an email sending system for you. £50
Newsletter Design Making you a branded email template to use for sending your newsletters. £30
Printed Business Cards Printing 100 business cards. £40
SEO Content Pack Up to 300 words of Search Engine friendly "copy" for each page of your 4-page website. £129
Social Media Feed Pump your latest Tweets or Facebook posts directly on to your website. £20 per system
Social Media Set-Up We'll set up your company social media accounts, apply all the right settings and get them ready to go. £60 per system
Still Images High Quality screen shots for every scene in your 30 second video. £50
Website Images If you want us to find you snazzy images for your site, we can track them down if you're not sure where to look. £5
WordPress We'll make your site using WordPress, meaning you can easily manage and control it yourself without needing help in the future. £25
essentials pack
The essentials from £99

Logo, business card, email signature and social media images.


From £99
website pack
Breathtaking sites from £199

A 4 page, mobile responsive website, ideally themed for your business and legally compliant.


From £199
video pack
Fantastic explainer videos from £99

Attention grabbing, animated and fun 30 second advert videos!


From £99
complete pack
The full monty from £379

All the packs together, plus a little more, for a little less.


From £379