Elite Auto Storage

We made this website for Elite Auto Storage

Matt from Elite Auto Storage last updated his website back in 2002, which was the year Halle Berry was winning an Oscar, Britney and Justin Timerblake were still a thing, Michael Jackson was hanging his kids over the balcony of a hotel and – perhaps most importantly for this point – the iPhone (and with it the wider acceptence of the need to mobile optimise your website) was still half a decade away in the future. So it’s fair to say, the site was looking a little tired and out of sorts in the modern world of Web browsing. We came along and have dragged Autostorage.co.uk kicking and screaming into the Roaring 20s.

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And now for something completely similar.

The website we made for Elite Auto Storage is one that we've catagorised under Automotive, so here are a few other automotive websites we've made at digitalstarterpack.